Arthriaid Omega Liquid

    Arthriaid Omega Liquid


    Arthri Aid Omega Liquid (Cat/Dog)

    Our pets can suffer from aches and pains as they get older just as we do! But you can ease any discomfort and help them stay mobile with Arthri Aid.

    Arthri Aid is a clinically proven joint supplement containing a combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, plus vitamin C and manganese. Arthri Aid has been designed to help maintain joint health and optimal mobility in your pet helping them stay active and reducing the discomfort of stiff, aching joints.

    Arthri Aid should be given once daily long-term to cats and dogs in order to maintain joint health. Arthri Aid is a highly palatable, liquid medicine making it easy to take extra care of your pet's joint health on a daily basis.

    It is available in small to large sized bottles which offers value and convenience, especially for those in a multi-pet household.


    • Clinically proven
    • Highest strength Glucosamine available
    • Easy to dispense bottle
    • Convenient and economic sizes


    ArthriAid Dosage

    Pet Weight

    Amount to give

    Up to 5 kg

    2.5ml daily

    5 - 10 kg

    5ml daily

    10 - 20 kg

    10ml daily

    20 - 30 kg

    15ml daily

    Over 30 kg

    20ml daily